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Last updated on October 18, 2023

Transparency is one of the values guiding our daily interactions with our clientele at Solutions Concreo Inc. (“concreo”, “we”, “our”, “ours”). We are aware of the issues and concerns that may exist regarding the right to privacy. Protecting your identity is at the core of our priorities, which is why we publish our privacy policy (“Policy”) to inform you about the personal information we collect, how we use and share it, and the options you have regarding its access, use, and retention.

For more information on the terms of use of the Website, please visit our Terms and conditions page.

Protecting your personal information, a daily priority

“Website” refers to all our online properties and their domains in this Policy ( and

The Policy applies to personal information that we hold or control, including information collected during your browsing on our Website, and the use of our services. It also applies when we receive information about you from third parties in the course of providing services to which you have already consented to provide this information.

For your convenience, our Website may contain links, images, and clickable animations to other websites or third-party services. If you access these sites, you should review the privacy policies of these third-party service providers; concreo is not responsible for the content of these sites or services or their privacy practices.

We are on the lookout for best practices

The Policy may be periodically amended based on changes to our processes for accessing, collecting, using, communicating, and retaining personal information in accordance with laws and best privacy practices.

We recommend users to regularly visit our Website to be informed of the latest updates published at

Your personal information will be treated in accordance with the privacy policy in effect at the time of their collection, or as agreed upon with you.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse

The Policy complies with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and the Act modernizing certain legal provisions regarding the protection of personal information (Bill 25).

For residents of the European Union (EU) countries, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) governs all data protection policies, regardless of where the website is located. If inconsistencies are found between the GDPR and the Policy, the GDPR will apply, and we will amend the Policy to comply.

For residents of the State of California, the Policy aims to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). If inconsistencies are found between the CCPA and the Policy, the CCPA will apply, and we will amend the Policy to comply.

What is personal information?

By its nature or by the context of its use or communication, factual or subjective information about a person may elicit a high degree of reasonable expectation regarding privacy. Personal information can, by itself or with other information, directly or indirectly identify you. Even if it is otherwise public, personal information remains personal and does not include information that has been altered or anonymized so that it can no longer be used to directly or indirectly identify a person.

What personal information is collected and why?

Browsing our Website without having to communicate any personal information to us is possible!

If we collect, use, share, or retain your personal information, it is primarily to create or maintain our relationship with you. Understanding our users helps us to offer a browsing experience and a range of services that are attractive and tailored to your needs.

concreo collects only the information necessary to conduct its business activities and for specified purposes.

To interact with you upon your request

A relationship obviously does not create or maintain itself without interaction. Whether by filling out communication forms via our Website interface, or by interacting with us via email, phone, or our social networks, you can voluntarily provide us with information about your identity.

The personal information collected may be your name, email address, age, and phone number. We also collect any other identifier or information you provide to contact you and respond appropriately to your inquiries and comments.

To obtain technical support

The success of a digital project results from good collaboration between parties. You may need our help to manage some of your accounts on various websites, applications, and services.

The personal information collected may be your username, password, and two-factor authentication.

By giving us access to your website, platform, and services, we may have access to personal information concerning your own customers. Note, however, that we do not collect information from your customers or partners.

To support our marketing initiatives

Always on the lookout for the latest technologies and practices in development and web optimization, we aim to disseminate our knowledge and promote our services to our Website users, through structured and creative commercial strategies according to your preferences.

To receive our newsletter or other promotional communications by voluntarily subscribing to our mailing list, the personal information collected may be your name, email or postal address, as well as information on your interests.

To improve the browsing experience and the content of our Website

Information technology is constantly evolving and at concreo, we aim to offer our Website users an innovative browsing experience with personalized, dynamic, and safe content. The use of identification, localization, and profiling technologies for our users allows us to optimize our Website for specified purposes:

  • Understanding the needs of the users;
  • Tracking traffic and usage trends;
  • Produce and compile statistics;
  • Recruit human resources and process applications;
  • Develop new services or features;
  • Assistance in case of comments, questions, or complaints from users;
  • Communicate with users through information, promotional, or advertising email send outs;
  • Adjust interfaces according to your preferences;
  • Publish online reviews to enhance service offerings;
  • Evaluate and optimize the effectiveness of the Website and marketing campaigns;
  • Detect and prevent navigation errors;
  • Promote and market our services;
  • Execute any service contracts with users;
  • Protect our legitimate business interests;
  • Comply with legal requirements.

To recruit tech-savvy individuals

We may be looking for the best talents to join our team and post job opportunities on our Website.

The personal information collected may be your name, your email address, your physical address, and the information contained in your resume, your cover letter, or other similar documents.

How is personal information collected?

We reiterate our commitment to protecting your personal information and collecting it with your consent or if the law authorizes it. Every day, we assist our clientele in understanding their users' browsing habits and optimizing their web presence, and like them, we wish to evaluate, improve, and reinforce our digital growth using identification, localization, and profiling technologies for our users.

Information collected from users

Filling out a communication form, submitting a question or comment through our Website interface, by email, or by mail are situations where you enter information in free-text fields or other fields, as applicable. You acknowledge that we have no control over the nature and type of information transmitted and you expressly consent to the collection and use of this information which may be personal.

Information collected indirectly or automatically

We have integrated advanced analytical tools from a third-party service provider to better understand our users' browsing habits and improve the User Experience (UX) of our Website. We employ a technology called browser cookie, a small text file placed on the hard drive of your device (computer, tablet, or mobile) containing a set of data recorded through your browser when consulting websites such as:

  • Your browser and operating system configuration and version;
  • Your language;
  • Your location;
  • Your Internet Protocol (IP) address;
  • The pages viewed, services visualized, and the duration of sessions;
  • Keywords used during a search;
  • The date and time of the visit.

For cookie management, you can always modify your preferences by clicking on the icon on the left at the bottom of each page of our Website interface to accept or refuse all cookies or only some of them. You also have the option through your browser to configure cookie deactivation settings by following the instructions in the help menu of your browser (for example, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome).

Any modification to the cookie settings you make may alter your browsing on our Website and your access conditions to certain personalized features or services requiring the use of cookies. concreo reserves the right to perform statistical analyses using the data collected through our Website on an aggregated and cumulative basis to measure interest in our Website and its usage

concreo reserves the right to provide its aggregated and cumulative data analyses to any third party.

Disclosure of personal information

Unless otherwise indicated in the Policy or if the law authorizes it, we commit not to communicate, rent, sell, or assign to third parties the personal information concerning our users without their prior consent.

  • Service providers: We may transmit your personal information to third parties who provide services on our behalf, such as payment processing, hosting our Website, transmitting emails or other communications, and collecting information obtained through browser cookies.
  • Communication in business transactions: concreo may be involved in the sale or transfer of part or all of its company, including transfers carried out in insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings. In these transactions, concreo may disclose your personal information to the acquiring party, and the parties will enter an agreement governing the use and protection of personal information respecting the commitments set forth in the Policy and applicable laws.
  • Law enforcement and authorized disclosure: concreo may disclose your personal information to its legal advisor, to a person or organization wishing to use this information for study, research, or statistics purposes, or to comply with an order issued by a court.

Retention of personal information

Your personal information is stored in protected locations and on servers controlled by our service providers located in the United States.

Our service providers may be located outside your territory and may be required to disclose your personal information under the laws of their territory, including the United States We have taken all reasonable steps to ensure, in view of the privacy policies of these third parties, that your information will not be used for unauthorized purposes nor disclosed to third parties without your consent, except when the law authorizes it.

concreo retains the personal information concerning you only for the duration necessary to fulfill the purposes described in this Policy, to achieve the purpose for which they were collected, to comply with legal retention obligations, to protect its legitimate business interests, all following the rules of its document retention schedule. Thereafter, the personal information is destroyed securely and confidentially or anonymized to be used for serious and legitimate purposes.

Security of personal information

Your trust is valuable to us, and we prioritize preserving it day after day; we have adopted reasonable administrative, technical, and physical protection measures aimed at protecting the personal information we have custody and control of. We grant access to personal information only to our employees and authorized service providers who need this information for the purposes described in the Policy.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, you should be informed that no data transmission or storage on the Internet can be considered absolutely secure. concreo does not declare or guarantee that personal information will not be lost, misused, or altered, and it assumes no responsibility regarding the personal information you transmit to it, nor regarding the use or misuse of personal information by you or third parties.

We will never contact you to ask for information about your bank account or your credit card number. This information will only be transmitted to us in compliance with the terms contained in our service proposals accepted and signed by our clientele.

I am a minor, what should I do?

Are you a person under the age of fourteen (14)? You can browse our Website, but you cannot become a registered user or use a service that asks you to provide personal information. If you register and we find out that you are under fourteen (14), we will delete your registration information and send you an email message to inform you.

For EU residents, the GDPR specifies that persons under 16 years of age are considered minors for the purposes of personal data collection. In addition to their consent, a minor must obtain that of the holder of parental responsibility for their data to be collected, processed, and used.*

* Exceptions regarding age may exist within the EU member states.

Do you know your rights?

Your consent is our legal basis for using your personal information, but you always have the option to withdraw it. According to applicable law, you notably have the right to access, correct, or de-index your personal information, request the portability of your personal information to an authorized third party, withdraw previously given consent, and file a complaint.

  • Your right to access

    You can contact us to get information about our data processing activities, including personal information collected about your identity, its nature, its use, its communication, and its preservation by concreo. Subject to certain exceptions. We can inform you within thirty (30) days following the receipt of your request.

  • Your right to request information about data usage

    You can contact us to get information about our data usage activities, including personal information collected about your identity and their processing process by concreo. You can notably ask us to specify the categories of individuals who have access to your personal information and the applicable preservation period for this information.

  • Your right to rectification

    If the personal information we hold about your identity is incorrect, incomplete, or ambiguous, you can have it corrected, or if its collection, communication, or preservation is not authorized by law, you can make a written rectification request and you will receive a response within thirty (30) days from the receipt of the request.

  • Your right to be forgotten (or to de-indexing)

    You can request the cessation of the broadcasting of your personal information or the de-indexing of any hyperlink associated with your name allowing access to this information by technological means if their broadcasting violates the law or a judicial order. Re-indexing of any hyperlink associated with your name can also be requested to prevent the perpetuation of serious harm to your reputation or your privacy.

    To get help to modify, update or delete personal information already provided to concreo, you can contact us at the coordinates at the bottom of the page and we will process your request within a reasonable timeframe.

    If we have shared your personal information with third parties, we will inform them of the right to be forgotten request as far as possible and when the supported effort is not disproportionate.

  • Your rights regarding automated decision-making and profiling

    You have the right to know if we use your personal information to make a decision based exclusively on the automated use of this information, i.e., a decision often based on artificial intelligence algorithms and without human intervention. Upon request, you can also be informed of the categories of personal information used to make the decision, the main factors, and the criteria that led to this decision.

    You have the right to request the correction of the information used to make the decision if they are wrong, and you can submit observations in support of a request for review of any automated decision taken and based on your personal information.

  • Your right to unsubscribe and withdraw your consent

    You are free to decide, at any time, to unsubscribe from our mailing list and no longer receive our communications by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” button located at the bottom of our emails or by contacting us electronically; please allow a delay of five (5) working days for your unsubscription request to take effect.

    It should be noted that the withdrawal of your consent will have no impact on the legality of any use made before you withdraw it, and unfortunately, you may not be able to take advantage of all the features of the Website or services thereafter.

  • Your right to portability

    Upon your request, you can obtain the communication, in a structured and commonly used technological format, of the personal information you provided to us, and we can communicate it to any other person or organization authorized by law to collect it.

    The right to portability is exercised provided that it does not raise serious practical difficulties.

  • Your right to file a complaint

    Before filing a complaint, we encourage you to contact us so that we can discuss and propose adequate solutions to your concern. The satisfaction of our users is the source of our daily motivation and we are convinced that we can help you and meet your requests.

    Anyone wishing to file a complaint regarding the application of the Policy or, more generally, the protection of their personal information by concreo should do so in writing by addressing it to its personal information protection officer (“RPRP”) at the coordinates indicated at the bottom of the page.

    The complaint must indicate the name of the complainant, their contact details to reach them, as well as the subject and the reasons for their complaint, providing sufficient details. If the complaint filed is not specific enough, the RPRP may require any additional information deemed necessary to be able to examine the complaint.

    concreo commits to treating any complaint received confidentially. Within thirty (30) days following the receipt of the complaint or following the receipt of any additional information required by the RPRP of concreo to be able to treat it, the latter must examine it and formulate a motivated written response by email or by mail to the complainant. The examination will aim to determine whether the use of personal information by concreo complies with the Policy, any other policy and practice in place within the company, and the applicable legislation or regulation.

    If the complaint cannot be treated within this timeframe, the complainant must be informed of the reasons justifying the extension of time, the progress of the treatment of their complaint, and the reasonable time required to provide them with a definitive response.

    concreo creates a separate file for each of the complaints addressed to it. Each file contains the complaint, the analysis, and the supporting documentation for its evaluation, as well as the response sent to the person originating the complaint.

    It is also possible for anyone to file a complaint with the Commission d’accès à l’information du Québec (CAI) or any other personal information protection oversight body responsible for the application of the law concerned by the subject of the complaint. The complainant is, however, invited to wait for the end of the processing process by concreo.

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